On this page I am presenting current projects and ideas.

Alfried Krupp Junior Fellow in Greifswald (2021-2022)

See this page for a presentation of my new research project on “Language Ideologies Through the Lens of Multilingual Speakers”.

Textbook in Contrastive Discourse Analysis

My current book project is a textbook on contrastive discourse analysis. This book, the first practical guide on contrastive discourse analysis ever published in English, provides an introduction to the methodological steps (from the research design to the corpus collection and analysis) necessary when working contrastively, especially between languages and cultures.

PhD Co-Supervision

Starting in October 2021, I will officially co-supervise a doctoral dissertation for the first time! An excellent student will work on her research project in contrastive discourse analysis as part of the Pre-Doc Award of the University of Leipzig we applied for and were awarded together.

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