A List of My Favorite Resources

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I believe that sharing is caring, that emotions belong to academic writing and that it’s okay, that your productivity never determines your worth, that showing vulnerability makes us more connected.

The resources listed here reflect these values and commitments. As my everyday, emotional and academic world is multilingual, I share resources in English, German, and French.

Academic Writing


Teaching / Higher Education

Gender-inclusive / non-binary language

  • For those interested in gender-inclusive writing practices and non-binary language in French, this fantastic page from McGill University lists many resources and best practices, including a bibliography with academic papers and media articles.


  • Recently Marie–Anne Paveau compiled a list of resources on linguistics (mostly podcasts and videos in French).
  • On Twitter, under the hashtag #LisaLiestLinguistik, you’ll find book reviews (the threads are in German but the books reviewed may be in English).

Letting yourself be inspired

to be continued… (first posted on 10 April 2021, updated on 24 October 2021)

(You have a blog, a podcast, or some favorite resources that could become part of this list? Please share them with me per email at naomi.truan[at]uni-leipzig.de or on Twitter!)

Cite this article as: Naomi Truan, "A List of My Favorite Resources," in Ici et là, 10/04/2021, https://icietla.hypotheses.org/2428.

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