Open Access: An Early Career Researcher Perspective

Image by Kim Newberg from Pixabay

A motto: “make the most of your publications”. All right, but what counts as a publication? And why and how should I publish it in Open Access?

Preview of the Presentation

On 21 January 2019 I have been invited to share my thoughts on open access during the workshop “How to make the most of your publications? Discover evolving trends in open access” jointly organized by FOSTER Plus and DARIAH-EU in Berlin. Thank you again to the organizers and the participants for making this event a friendly and inspiring one! 

Click on the link above to download the slides of my presentation. With the license CC BY 4.0, you are free to:  

  • adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material, for any purpose, even commercially


Cite this article as: Naomi Truan, "Open Access: An Early Career Researcher Perspective," in Ici et là, 22/01/2019,

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