Academic Writing as a Bodily Experience

Image by edith lüthi from Pixabay

Welcome to the page on academic writing! No classic tips here, but a series of blog posts on academic writing as a bodily experience, where we reconnect to our feelings and emotions—but what does it have to do with academic writing?!

Since I have developed materials on academic writing as an embodied practice, this has opened some new opportunities to organize (digital) workshops for people both within and outside of academia. Feel free to contact me at naomi.truan[at]!

Academic Writing as a Bodily Experience

Each blog post can be read independently or downloaded as a PDF document, but if you want to go through it, read the blog posts in this order (if you want to try the small ten-minute exercise at the beginning of the workshop, download the check-list only—the second document):

If you’re rather a Twitter person and/or like GIFs, here is a summary:

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